Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emerson's Dedication

Emerson was dedicated this past Saturday. Our family was scheduled to come in on Thursday and Friday to celebrate the weekend. Due to Hurricane Ike, my family who lives in Houston, came in Wednesday since they were still without power. It was great to get to spend some extended time with my family without worrying about work or getting stuff done.

The dedication was Saturday afternoon and then we had everyone over to our house afterwards to celebrate and have cake. It was a great time with family and friends. Eventhough Emerson is still in the middle of the seperation anxiety stuff, having an extended time with so many different people helped.

By Sunday she was letting everyone hold her and was actually preferring my brother to anyone. He finally had to force her to come to me so that they could leave. Emy was truly sad to see everyone go. She had such a large audience for 4 days and then it was back to boring old mom and dad. She shared her anger with us and proceeded to get 2 time outs Sunday afternoon. Lovely.

Here are the pics from last week and this past weekend.

So happy because she has the cats tail in her hand.

Happy swing timeHanging out with Mimi
Snuggling with daddyThe whole family at the church

Family portrait
Eyeing the cake
Hayden and Emy both wanted the same water bottle



bethany said...

Love the family picture! That color of blue is so pretty on you Sabrina!

Amanda said...

What a sweet day! I'm so glad your families got to be there. You look great, my dear! And that family pic of the 3 of you is a framer. I hope you know how excited Emy makes me to have a girl!