Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seperation Confusion

I think Emerson is a little confused about how seperation anxiety is supposed to work. She still screams in the nursery, however yesterday in music class she IGNORED me.

Imagine this, the class has 4 other mommies, 2 teachers and 5 other children. We sat in a circle the entire time and played instruments and sang songs. All the other children wandered around at some point, but for the most part they played with their mommies. Not Emerson, she played with every other mommy and child and straight-up ignored me. She literally sat in the middle of the circle the entire time. I kept picking her back up and dragging her over to me and she would instantly crawl away toward someone else. She never even so much as looked back to see if I was there. I could have left and she would not have noticed. Keep in mind that she has only been to that class 3 times and she has been to the nursery tons of times. What the heck?

On another note, her passionate preference of the daddy is over for now. She will only play with him if I am in the room. If I leave the room she screams like he is a stranger. It is kind of funny except when I was on the recieving end of it over the past couple months. Now, it is all mommy all the time, except in music class.



Callie Salls said...

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! I don't know. Sometimes I can't figure Noah out, either.

pinkmommy said...

never a dull moment!