Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday weekend- Not so much of a holiday

I came home from work Saturday afternoon and Steve tells me, "bad news, Emy woke up from her nap after only 40 minutes. She was freaking out and would not let me put her down." I think, no problem, some days are just different. WRONG.

We put Emy to bed that night and after about 30 minutes she is screaming hysterically. I got in there to comfort her and the second I pick her up she is falling asleep on me. So, I put her back down. 20 minutes later, same thing....This goes on a few times until I realize that something is wrong. Her cry has turned to the painful shril and I pick-up on the fact that she won't sleep laying down.

Saturday night was like the old days in our house. Emerson slept in bed with mommy holding her in an upright position. I tried putting her upright on a pillow next to me, but that was not good enough. She was so clingy and had to be held- this is so unusual for our very independent daughter. Despite being held and upright, Emy had several painful breakdowns in the night. I seriously contemplated going to the ER at 4am.

Sunday morning we went to a walk-in clinic. I was prepared to hear that she had her first ear infection. Wrong again. It is an upper resp. infection. So, we got some antibiotics, cough medicine and of course good old tylenol. She is doing much better, but now has a nasty cough and is still a little clingy. So much for a restful weekend.



Amanda said...

Poor baby! Poor mommy and daddy!

Lauren said...

Poor kiddo!

Steph V said...

Poor girl! Is that not the worst feeling in the middle of the night?! That's when I pray for God's wisdom b/c I don't want to make an unnecessary trip to the ER but...

Hope she feels better soon!