Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The pumpkin patch

Emerson made her first trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. The weather was terrible, rainy, overcast and extremely humid. However, we had the day planned with Meghann and Melanie and if we postponed it we would have missed it this year for sure.
As you can see from the pictures, Emerson was not really a fan. At first, she was NOT happy with any of the situation except riding in the wagon- note to self, Emy needs to get a wagon for her birthday or Christmas. Anyways, when I first put her down next to the pumpkins she freaked out. I am not sure if it was the pumpkin, the hay or the huge Charlie Brown thing behind her.
I hoped it was Charlie Brown and moved her away from him and over to plain pumpkins. Not happy either. Finally I took the road of ignoring her fake tantrum and that worked. I eventually got a semi-smile out of her.

Next we moved on to the "My First Pumpkin Patch" basket. It is intended for you to prop your child in it for a picture. You can see that this did not go over well.
In better news, she wore her tutu the entire time and did not seem care!!!! Yeah! Maybe she will be a tutu girl after all:)
Enjoying the wagon ride

"What is this thing behind me?"

"I don't like the pumpkins"

"Okay, they are not so bad"

Are you kidding me? Is this not the sadest face you have ever seen?

"Seriously, get me out of here mom!"

Hope your week is off to a great start.



Erin said...

L*O*V*E the ironic about the sad face whilst wearing a puffy it :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great pictures, even if they had some sad faces...they really capture her feelings towards the pumpkin patch! I LOVE her adorable cute!

Amanda said...

Her outfit was adorable! We went to that same pumpkin patch last year and it was craziness. There were bees everywhere, of all things! And I hated how cars drove right through the middle of everything. Hall's Pumpkin Farm is really fun. You might take Steve along and go one evening.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics! Love her outfit too!

bethany said...

What is it with kids hating the pumpkin patches-I had visions of Jakson galavanting amongst the pumpkins, but he had the same sort of reaction Emerson did....
Makes it hard to get those token Pumpkin Patch pictures everyone seems to have. That one of her smiling is adorable though...

Megan said...

Too cute! I love the tutu, and I think pictures of sad babies are some of the cutest pictures!!! I love Emmy's little curls, her hair is getting long, and she is looking like such a big girl!!!