Monday, October 6, 2008

Random and pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My new etsy shop has been all consuming (in a good way of course).

So, it is October. I have been looking forward to and dreading this month all year. My baby is turning one at the end of the month. I cannot believe it. Since the beginning of the month I have been super nostalgic. You know, thinking back to the day Emerson was born. She was so tiny and beautiful. She used to love to snuggle and be held- not so much anymore.

On the other hand, she is so much fun now. She does so many cute, and not-so-cute, things. She is definitely at a fun age. It is a hard balance to try to enjoy where they are developmentally while be excited for the future too.

Last week was a big week. Steve took Monday and Tuesday off so we went on some family adventures. We took Emy to the zoo for the first time on Monday and then on Tuesday we went to ride the Trinity Park train. It is an hour ride for $3. You can't beat that these days. We followed that with playtime in the park. On Wednesday we went to the Botanic Gardens for some outside playtime in a change of scenery. We sat by the turtle pond and Emy really liked that.

Here are last weeks pics (and the ones from the week before because I just realized that they never got posted):

Hope your week is off to a super start!



Erin said...

those are great pictures...I love yall!!!!! First birthdays are hard. It's such a milestone. I cried like a baby when we sang happy birthday to Hunt..and I can NOT believe that Emy's almost one. I remember your baby shower with Mimi and her fun friends...I was telling Lauren that I had the baby itch! haha