Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas and randomness

Christmas was great. Emerson was so much fun to watch with her toys and all the wrapping. She did get very overwhelmed a couple of times though, but for the most part she was great. Steve's parents got her a cute little table and chairs. She loves to sit at it. My dad got her a cute bookshelf. She has so much fun taking all the books out and sometimes putting them back in.

In case you are wondering, we are on day 23 of no milk. Emerson is seriously tough to crack. Over the weekend I tried taking her water away and making her only option milk in a cup. Around 4pm she started taking long sips of it and drank about 3 ounces. However, the next morning her diaper was filled with dark pee, so we gave the water back since she was seriously dehydrated...Any other ideas?

Also, for those keeping track, Emy is now 14 months old and has no desire to walk or even stand on her own. There are several things that she is doing now that are really impressive though. She can feed herself with a spoon (with mommys help scooping the food). She can point to a bunch of correct things when you ask her "Where is the bunny; santa; your feet; dada; the dog", etc. Emerson has also added a new dance move to her repitoire. She now loves to to a shimmy with her shoulder. It is pretty cute.

Here are some pictures from Christmas.
This was a few days before Christmas at a friends house. Emy was being extra smiley while they tried out their new camera.

Playing with her new shopping cart

Again, the new shopping cart

Again- She was REALLY excited about this toy.

Sitting at her new table.

Pulling ALL the books out of her new bookshelf. (Notice how the only ones left are on the top- she has not quite figured out how to get those yet)

Happy New Year's!


pinkmommy said...

I have no wisdom for the milk drinking. The Princess has always been good about that. Now, eating veggies are another story!

As for the walking, is she pulling up and standing? If she is, I wouldn't worry about it. All babies develop differently and she will get it in her own time.

Kylie said...

Does Emerson eat a lot of dairy/foods with calcium? I would say as long as she is getting her calcium servings per day, yogurt, cheese, even ice cream, then I wouldn't really stress on her drinking the milk -as long as she is staying hydrated of course, like you mentioned, with the water.
Of course my 13 month old still drinks her milk from a bottle :) Like yours, she loves water from a cup and milk from a bottle. To me at this point, because my girl is SO little and doesn't eat much, it is more important to me that she get the milk than where it comes from. As long as Emerson is getting her nutrients and is gaining weight properly, that would be the important thing :). She is beautiful and hopefully one day will decide to take the milk!

Ronny said...

I'm sorry. I certainly do not want to sound like a "know it all" or to say your concerns are not valid. Believe me, I have stubborn kids when it comes to eating and drinking properly and it drives me crazy!! I completely validate your feelings :) I just wanted to let you off the hook a little! My son literally over night, after 3 years of struggling to get him to eat properly, decided he liked food. Who knows what goes through those little minds of theirs?!