Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My weekend in numbers

24- The number of hours that I worked on etsy orders this weekend

16- The number of packages that I took to the post office yesterday

15- The number of bibs completed

12- The number of onesies or shirts completed

10- The number of blankets (all personalized) completed

9- The number of burp cloths completed

3- The number of trips to Joann Fabrics

2- The number of tutus and number of times I had a bobbin explode

1- The number of times my needle broke

All of this plus countless interrupptions equals a crazy weekend of sewing. It seriously is a Christmas miracle that all the orders are finished. I have a couple more to do in the next week that are not needed until January, but I am desperate to get everything out the door so I can have a much needed break.

What am I going to do with all my free time? Oh, I have big plans. I have all these new ideas for the shop plus things I want to make for Emerson and friends...Oh, and did I mention that I actually want to enjoy Christmas with my family?

Here is one more number for you: 8- This is the number of days that Emerson has gone refusing to drink milk out of a cup. I am not giving in this time. The doctor said it could be a couple weeks, so I am sticking it out. This ordeal is teaching me a lot about how Emerson gets her stubbornness from her mommy. Someone has to win though!

Here are some cute pics that Steve took this weekend at the park with Emy.



bethany said...

Seriously, I almost wrote this EXACT same post last night, but then I just didn't have the energy. Mine would have read
4 dozen capes
60 squares of baby clothes
8 masks
5 slings
and so on.

I guess it really wouldn't have taken very long, but I wasn't up for numbers... :) Doesn't it feel good to mail it all out!?!

Lauren said...

Oh man! Well congrats on the success of your shop! I hope you get to enjoy Christmas very soon.

Amanda said...

Dang Gina. That is intense!

Amy said...

WOW!!! Let me know when you need to begin hiring!

pinkmommy said...

You have been busy!

Hang in there on the milk drinking...I have a stubborn one too. It can be tough!