Monday, December 22, 2008

Duck Pond

Can you believe that Christmas is in 3 days? That is so crazy. Things are a little odd this year because we are not traveling out of town for the holidays. Our families are coming to see us. I am so thrilled to get to wake up on Christmas morning in our house, but still it just does not feel quite right without all the hustle and bustle of bouncing from house to house across the state of Texas.

Anyways, over this past weekend we were actually able to spend some family time together because I did not have orders to work on. So, since the weather was not too cold, we went and had a picnic at the duck pond. Emerson thouroughly enjoyed it. There was a lot of Oooooing and laughing on her part. Especially at the geese, but not if they got too close.

For those of you that are keeping tabs on our stubborn child, we are now on day 14 of no milk. Awesome! Seriously, how long can this go on? So, I am putting in another call to the pediatrician today to see if they have any advice. What does mommy want for Christmas? For her sweet little girl to happily drink milk from a sippy cup or any cup for that matter. Ah, to dream.

So here a couple pics from the duck pond.

Merry Christmas!



Amanda said...

Oh Emy! Why won't you drink the milk? Jackson wouldn't take it either at first until my mom heated it up for him. I had refused to do that, but it worked. What about some chocolate syrup in there? Maybe if she liked it you could lessen it and lessen it until it was normal milk. That is probably the worst suggestion ever but I got nothin' else. Enjoy everyone coming to you this year. You've been so busy lately! I love you and wish you a very merry Christmas, dear friend!

pinkmommy said...


Have a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Have a Merry Christmas!! Hope Emerson "gives in" soon for you!!