Sunday, February 15, 2009


Can you imagine taking your child to the pediatrician for an ear infection and black eye only to find out that she has cancer and then within 3 weeks she is gone? It is completely unimaginable. That is what Cora's parents have gone through in the past month. They lost their baby girl. Not even a year old.

In memory of her short and precious life, a playground is being built in her honor at Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas. Tons of people are raising money to support this cause. A good portion of the etsy community is helping too. I have added a special listing to support Cora's playground.

Monday is the kickoff of the benefit sale. If you search etsy using "Cora" you will find all the items that are going towards the playground. There is a bunch of cute stuff at great prices. Pick something out for this amazing cause. If it were your child lost, wouldn't you want others supporting you?



Kylie said...

This listing is already sold out on your page (of course you know that!) but anyway, if you decide to do some more later on, let me know, I want one. It's a wonderful thing you are doing for this family!

Amy said...

This is heartbreaking.