Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update and Feb goal

First of all, a big congratulations to Amanda and Curtis! They welcomed to their family a new baby girl on Tuesday. She is so precious. You can see her here.

Some stuff that Emerson has been up to lately:

- She is off of all liquids, meaning she wants nothing to do with milk, water, juice, nothing. It has been really fun trying to get her to drink something. She must be sneaking it in somewhere though because she is still having wet diapers.

-She has learned to "tickle". I use the quotes because it is not really tickling, but cute still the same. Here is what it looks like. I start tickling her around her neck while saying "tickle Emy" and then I stop and say "tickle mommy" and she proceeds to touch my neck with a sly look on her face. Of course, I start laughing as if it really tickles and she thinks this is hillarious. Cute.

-Emerson is all about the salty foods. She will choose a goldfish over a cookie any day. Definitely gets that from daddy seeing as I could have an IV of sugar and it still would not be enough for me. (speaking of, it is time for my dr. pepper and cookie snack)

-She is still not walking

-She is trying to give up the morning nap! NOOOOOOOO! When will I ever shower?

So, on to my Febraury goal. I am really stumped here. I have so many things on my goals list that I cannot narrow it down. I guess I will choose organization because it is fun, albeit expensive. While we have a ton of things that need to be organized the ones in the biggest need of organization that are causing me to lose sleep are the hall closet, the guest bathroom and the sewing room. I have "before" pictures to show you, but I absolutely refuse to show them until I have the projects completed. They are horrifying.

So, in February I am going to organize these things...oh and DO OUR TAXES.

Yes, the faster you get taxes out of the way, the faster you get a refund (hopefully). So, I will get our taxes done this month too. This will be interesting since I have to do them for my small business. I have never done that before, so if anyone has any tips or websites to look to for that, let me know.
This is how Emy holds a phone when she talks

Blue eyes
This is the cutest outfit I have ever created. I am in love with it. You will likely see it for sale in the shop toon.

Happy hump day.



Anonymous said...

ok-- so i seriously can't believe you have had the joy of two naps for so long!! ford gave that up at 11 months!! i have learned to shower with him locked in my room with toys and books and the bathroom door open. lovely, i know. good luck!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, you're right--that is a darn cute outfit!

pinkmommy said...

Oh my word, that outfit...adorable!

bethany said...

Love the adorable outfit!! Emy is so cute!