Monday, October 19, 2009


Emerson and I made cookies together on Friday. This is one of those "mommy" things that I was so excited about doing one day. Emy is fully in the helper phase so I thought this would be a great time to try it out. It was a HUGE success. Several times during the process Emerson threw her hands in the air and squeeled "Cookies" and would clap enthusiastically. It was absolutely precious.

She loved picking out the shapes and pushing them into the dough. She hated waiting for the cookies to bake and cool-we had several tantrums during this 15 minute span. But once they were cool and ready to decorate, she was all business. It was so cute how serious she was about decorating. I had several little bowls out filled with different color sprinkles. All the cookies had to have several colors on them and most ended up with a handful of the multicolor stars on them too. Why do all kids gravitate toward the multicolor sprinkles?

Here are some pics of the decorating phase. I wish I could have had some of the cutting out shapes phase, but I was too messy to work the camera. Oh well.