Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday night fun

We are in party season around here. Seriously, between the holidays, TCU football, Emerson's birthday and all of her friend’s birthday parties, we have been doing some serious celebrating lately. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice change from the summer when we had nothing to do every single weekend but it is getting a little exhausting. And Halloween has not even come yet. Oh well, we are enjoying it while we can.

On Friday, one of Emerson's friends had a birthday party and then we went straight to the TCU homecoming parade. It seemed ambitious for us to attempt to attend both but the schedule actually turned out to be quite perfect. From 4:30 to 6pm we celebrated a birthday and ate dinner and cake. Then we did a quick wardrobe change (Emy HAD to be in her TCU cheerleader outfit for the parade) and booked it over to campus. The parade ended and not 30 seconds later it started pouring rain. We all got a little wet on the way to the car but had a good time...that is, except Ashton. Poor guy had a meltdown all the way home. It was sad. Really sad. Friday night festivities are just too much for him.

The birthday party was for one of Emerson’s classmates this year. His name is Luke and I swear Emy has a crush on him. She sits with him at lunch and when she talks about him she has a little grin about her. It is sweet. Anyways, Luke’s grandparents have a house in Fort Worth that is on a huge, tree covered lot. They played that up and did a construction themed party. It was super cute. The entire time I was telling myself to take mental notes since I will be planning boy birthday parties in the future. They had cardboard houses to paint, sandboxes for digging, a bounce house and an actual construction digger for climbing on and exploring. Luke’s mom gave all the “workers” plastic hard hats, Lowe’s tool aprons and inflatable hammers. Seriously, it was a cute party.

Emerson and Izzy hammering golf tees into a pumpkin

Painting a house

Sitting in the digger (or whatever it is called)

Looking totally tiny in this enormous piece of equipment

The birthday boy. Cute, huh?

Ashton just hung out and got a lot of attention from Izzy and Mari

After the party we drove less than 2 miles to the TCU campus and got situated for the parade. We ran into several families that we knew since it was homecoming weekend. The kids ran around while we waited for the parade to start. When it started, the girls were all lined up on the curb waiting to see what was going to happen. When the candy and purple beads started flying, the girls got so excited. Now, let me pause here to tell you that I actually teared up at the parade. I know that I am postpartum and the hormones are still messed up but there is something about sitting and cheering for your alma mater with your child who is genuinely as excited as you are. It was a really sweet moment that I hope I never forget.

Here is a cute story: When the cheerleaders passed us, you should have seen Emerson’s face. Awe is the only appropriate word to describe it. Her eyes were huge and completely focused on them. She didn’t move a muscle. I asked her, “Emerson, do you like the cheerleaders?” and her response (without taking her eyes off them) was a quiet and simple, “Yea”. It was like her little brain was already trying to figure out how to get to be one someday. It was so cute.
Trying to get the girls to look at the camera. This is the closest I got. I promised they loved it although they all look miserable.

Being coy for the camera

Ashton got to hang out with daddy

By the time we got home it was time for baths and bed. We had to make sure Emerson got her rest for the big birthday party the next morning. More on that later…



Amy said...

Well, Hogan and I missed getting to see yall at the parade, but I have to tell you I had the exact same reaction. Maybe I can blame mine on hormones too? It was the most precious feeling to be there and remember being IN that parade every year for one reason or another, and here I was enjoying it with my little boy. It was definitely an "I have arrived" moment. Tearful and geeky, but very cool. I love that Emerson loved the cheerleaders! That is the cutest thing to me!

Lisa said...

FUN! When my big boys were little, I could find these kits at the dollar store of jewels that you hammer into the pumpkins.