Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emerson at 3

The birthday has passed, the birthday party post has been written, now I just want to jot down a few things about Emerson at this age for record keeping sake.

It is very evident that Emerson has my personality. Exactly my personality. My stubborn, silly, passionate, eager and impatient personality. I love this and hate it all the same. It is fun to watch her in many situations but when we butt Seriously ugly. Our stubborn and passionate nature's just battle each other. Of course, mommy always wins, but the method to my win is not always ideal. Currently this happens on a daily basis. "This too shall pass" chants through my head on a daily basis.

Emerson is spunky, bubbly and loves to chatter. She is so talkative at home and with her closest friends. She loves to give compliments to others and almost always says "bless you". She also loves to pray at all her meals, naptime and bedtime.

Emy is a big time rule follower- that is, for everyone except mommy. In fact, she also tells others what to do when they don't follow the rules or do something the right way.

Emerson loves school and her dance class. She comes home from both telling me and showing me the things they learned. I love hearing the excitement in her voice about things, "Mommy, yellow and red make orange!" Precious.

Speaking of dance, Emerson loves to dance and sing. She is constantly dancing around the house and singing various songs. She has all these silly dance moves that she has made up or combined with "real" moves from her school. She sings songs that she knows as well as makes up songs to familiar tunes. I love that she makes up songs because I remember doing that as a kid too and they are just funny to listen too.

She LOVES surprises and "adventures". Steve and I can make anything into a "surprise" or about "going on an adventure" and she is hooked. She also loves to surprise others. I really love this quality about her. She already realizes that giving is better than receiving.

Emerson loves to help. It is easy to engage her in most anything by asking her to help. This has been truly wonderful with Ashton's arrival. She is always helping with diapers, bathtime, laundry, all of it.

One thing I have really noticed about Emerson lately is that her mannerisms are so adult-like. The way she crosses her legs, covers her mouth when she coughs (most of the time), turns the page of a book, folds her napkin at the table, etc...all these things just give me a glimpse of what she will look like years from now.

Emy loves daddy. They have a special bond that I am totally left out of and that is okay with me. They are really fun to watch together. Steve treats her like a big kid and gives her more freedom than I do. They have special things that are just for them and it warms my heart to see their special relationship.

Emerson is so fun at this age. She is learning so fast and really loves to get to try new things. I cannot believe she is three already and fast approaching kindergarten. My baby girl is growing up so fast!



Amanda said...

What a sweet little girl, Sab! I have to say, it has been a joy watching you with Emy both from up close and afar. I love imagining Annabeth doing whatever Emy is doing. You are a great mom, my friend. I can't wait to meet Ashton.