Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 1 month birthday, Ashton

Ashton's 1 month birthday was actually 2 days ago. I did not forget, it was just hard finding a time to take these pictures. I guess that is how it goes with the second child. Oh well, close enough:)

Here is a little about Ashton at 1 month:

-He loves to eat. He is still a great nurser and getting even better and faster every day. He is eating every 2-4 hours. The longest he has gone is 4.5 hours and that has only been twice.

-He is wearing 0-3 month clothing. They are big on him but the newborn stuff is too short, so we are just making due.

-Ashton loves to sleep but is not very good at it. His sister had the same problem but she was always content being held or sleeping in the swing. Ashton is more high maintenance than that. He will rarely sleep on you or in the swing. He likes to be swaddled and walked around the house in order to fall asleep. That and being nursed to sleep of course. Oh, and he will fall asleep if you carry him in the Moby wrap.

-When he is not crying, he has started to coo and be a little more social. It is precious.

-Despite all the crying, Emerson still adores him. We are so lucky that she has not acted out at all. She loves to help with him and is very understanding when we can't play with her because the baby needs to be fed/is crying/wants to be held, etc.

-He is quite fussy right now. I am hoping that this will slow down (or stop!) around the 6-week mark when the textbooks say that the peak of fusiness is over.
-He is pretty smiley already, which is fun to see.
-There are so many faces that he makes that remind me so much of Emerson when she was a baby.
Despite him being high-maintenance, we do love this little guy to pieces. It is hard to believe that a month has gone by already. Here is to less tears and more sleep in the next month!



Unknown said...

He is adorable! Love the smile.

Kylie said...

I hope you're right and the fussiness eases up at six weeks as we just hit the six week mark and the crying is making me crazy :) I can even handle the lack of sleep better than all the crying... anyway, you're not alone!

Asher is totally precious- what a sweet, sweet smile!!