Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ashton is 2 months old

Okay, so Ashton was two months old several days ago, but I am just getting around to it...sorry.

His stats are as follows: 12lbs 2oz- 64% and 24.24" long- 91%

Overall he is doing great. He is still eating well about 2.5-3 hours during the day. On average he gets up twice a night to eat.

There was a LOT of crying in the beginning. Luckily, he has been so much happier in the past couple weeks. In the beginning I think we were dealing with sleep deprivation and then I was having supply issues for reasons I won't bore you with. Now that everything is right on track, he is a much happier baby.

He has started social smiles and cooing and they are just precious and absolutely melt my heart.

Emerson walked in when I was taking these pictures and wanted in on the action too. She thought it was hillarious that she got to get back into her old crib.

So many pictures! Time for a nap:)