Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010 recap: Part 1

Okay, so Halloween was a seriously busy time around here this year. Emerson had a lot of social invitations. We opted to only participate in 2 things. On Saturday, we went to Boo at the Zoo. The event went through some changes this year and was held during the day and in a very contained area. I really liked the new time and set-up but was annoyed with the fact that we had to buy a ticket for Ashton. Seriously, he doesn't even have teeth- how is he going to eat candy? Whatever, we did it and made a mental note for the future.

Emerson got really into Halloween this year. She was pumped to finally get to wear her Snow White costume and get candy. She kept prancing around in a half princess-half ballerina fashion saying, "I'm a pretty princess".

Boo at the Zoo has lots of games and treat stations but all Emy wanted to do was get candy. Literally, at one point I asked her, "Emerson, do you want to go play some games and win prizes?". Her response, "No, I just want to get the candy". Okay then.

Checking out the flamingos before Boo at the Zoo opened

Showing off her gold princess purse/candy bag that Granmom made

Waiting in line with Daddy

Taking a candy break while sitting super lady-like:)

The sugar rush begins

Being silly

Holding my precious baby brother



Stephanie said...

i loved the lady like pic!! too funny