Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010 recap: Part 2

On Halloween evening we were invited to a hayride/trick-or-treating extravaganza as (Stephanie put it). Some of Emy's favorite friends host the event annually and we could not wait to partcipate since our neighborhood is not so trick-or-treating friendly.

The evening started with hot dogs and chilli and the kiddos getting their face's painted. After a little playtime it was time to hit the streets. We got to ride on a huge trailer which was perfect for our group of little ones.

This neighborhood was so fun! So many houses participated and there were tons of trailers out with groups. Seriously, we passed at least 5 other trailer groups. It was so fun!

Emerson loved trick or treating. We only had a few incidents where she got scared, although one of them she was down right terrified. A little boy (probably 7 or so) was standing behind her at a house and he had on a realistic skeleton mask. She was litterally pulling me away with all her strength. She eventually started screaming and when I picked her up she burried her face in me, It was sad.

Other than that little piece of drama, it was a lot of fun. Ashton and Daddy stayed home since we knew it would be a late night and that made it a special mommy-daughter night.

Snow White all dressed and waiting to get her face painted

Getting rosy cheeks from Miss Amy

Eating dinner with her friends Annie (bat girl) and Izzy (Strawberry Shortcake)

Playing while we waited for the sun to go down

She LOVED having make-up painted on and getting to wear real lipstick:) This makes me smile because I distinctly remember a Halloween when I was 3 or 4 and dressed up like Cinderella or Barbie or something like that and I got to wear make-up. I thought it was so special too!

Getting seated on the trailer with Annie and Ethan

We had a lot of fun at the Lonspaugh Halloween party and we hope to be invited again next year!