Friday, November 9, 2012

Emerson is FIVE


Emerson's actual birthday was a Thursday this year. That worked out perfectly because that is the one day a week that we don't have a scheduled activity in the morning. So, we could really celebrate and make the day special.

We played around the house and snuggled and watched cartoons. Once we finally got our act together, we went to Chick-Fil-A for a special birthday lunch. Emerson was wearing a pin that said, "It's my birthday" on it. Let me tell you, she got more "stuff" on her birthday because of that pin! Case in point, at Chick-fil-A we ordered our lunch just like normal and when they brought out our food they had a bouquet of balloons for Emy and told her happy birthday. She thought that was the coolest thing!

After lunch we hopped in the car and headed to the airport to pick up Mimi! The kids (and myself) were super excited to see Mimi. We hadn't seen her in a few months and it was extra special for her to arrive on Emy's special day.

We came home and the kids rested while Mimi and I got caught up. Afterwards, it was time for dance class. Emerson always has dance on Thursdays but this week was extra special. Not only was it her birthday but her class got to wear their Hallloween costumes to class AND perform a special routine for the parents.
After dance, Emerson got to pick where we went out to eat. She chose Flying Fish- no surprise... She is in love with their shrimp and hush puppies: ) We did family gifts and dessert at the restaurant before coming home to end her special day. She enjoyed it and had a great time and LOVES being able to say that she is 5!
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