Sunday, May 25, 2008

7 months old

Well, Emerson is 7 months old today. She is such a big girl now. She has a tooth, loves to sit and play, has a sense of humor, is extremely independent and loves to talk. It is hard to look at her and realize that she is the same sweet thing that 7 months ago was so tiny and helpless. It amazes me everyday how much she has changed in such a short amount of time.

Today she also demonstrated just how "mature" she is by being on her best behavior the entire time at church. When the nursery did not call at all today, I was sure that we would find her asleep in the swing...this would have been just fine with me- anything to get her to handle the nursery for an entire hour. To my surprise, when we got to the nursery, she was playing on the mat with another baby and two of the workers. I excitedly said to one of the women, "It looks like we made it okay today" and she replied with a big grin, "She has been just great. She did not make a peep the entire hour!" Wow, are you kidding me? It amazes me how much progress she has made in the past two weeks. Yea for Emy!


PS: We have been looking for a fun 4th of July outfit. Emerson will not be getting these, but how cute are outfitA and outfitB? Seriously:)


Amanda said...

Please, please, MiMi, if you are reading, Emerson needs outfit B!

Erin said...

I second what Amanda wrote! I NEED to see Emy in outfit B!!!!!!

Amy said...

I love them both! It was so fun to see her after church on Sunday! And I'm so excited that she let me carry her all the way to the car! She's just like a little doll that's alive. I love her so much! ac