Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little Things

I have not been good about posting the past couple weeks. I keep thinking of all these little things I want to mention but they seem so small to dedicate an entire post to. So, now I will create a post to incorporate all the little stuff that has been left out.

1. Emerson is getting her second tooth. Well, I guess technically she has her second tooth. It has broken the gum and is working its way up. This tooth is giving us more trouble than the first one. Emy has had a little pain, swelling and even some blood with this one. I WISH I could show you a picture of her precious teeth, but I am fast learning that getting a picture of a babies teeth will be like trying to catch a picture of Big Foot.

2. Emy had a real case of the giggles on Tuesday. Now, as many of you know, she is not the best laugher. She is getting better, but it takes some seriously hard work to get her to laugh. However, on Tuesday morning she was cracking up at everything for about an hour. It started when she was in her exersaucer. I was on the computer (sitting right next to her) and I hear her cracking up, I look over at her and she is just staring at our dog and laughing hysterically. He was not doing anything...just sitting there. So, then I start laughing and she sees me and laughs harder. This continues into our bedroom. I am playing with her on the bed and she is laying on her back and tilting her head back as to look at everything upside down. This is hillarious too. Toby, our dog, jumps on the bed and it startles her and this is hillarious. Ya'll for a child who does not laugh all that often, it was so much fun to see her with a case of the giggles. It is such a precious sound.

3. Emerson has a new habit while she is eating. She thinks that things would go a lot faster if I would just give her the entire bowl. Not the spoon, the bowl. So, we are constantly playing this game of keep away with the bowl. It is as if she is saying, just give me the bowl and I can handle things from there. I am tempted to do it one day just to see what she does. Of course, I would have to prepare for the inevitable disaster by covering her, me, the floor and everything else with garbage bags.

4. Emerson loves swimming, aka sitting in the pool. We took her out into the new baby pool several times over the weekend. She takes a little while to get all the way in since the water is cold, but once she is in, she loves it. The great thing about playing in the pool is that it completely exhausts her. So, if you time it right she is guaranteed to have a great nap. I have a bunch of pictures of her in the pool that I will post later today or tomorrow. Oh, and her swimsuit is adorable!

5. Emy thinks sneezing is hillarious. Either that, or the "Bless You" is hillarious. Every time she sneezes she either starts laughing or looks up at you with this huge grin and waits for the "Bless You". Once she even got the giggles over this. She sneezed, I said Bless You, she cracked up so I said it again. She laughed harder so I said it again...this went on and on for about a minute. At one point she was laughing so hard she had to actually catch her breath.



Erin said...

I love giggle fits! Cierra has the best laugh I've ever heard in my life and we spend a good part of our day trying to make her laugh because it craks me and Hunt up too. And yesterday Jenny & Ryder came over and he was laughing hysterically at my kids, so fun. Next we need to get Emerson in in mix and have one big laugh fest!

Anonymous said...

So many fun things to share! Loved reading them!! I am glad you got to hear more laughing- it is hilarious when they crack up!

Amy said...

Awww!!! You're right, that's the sweetest sound of all time. If we could bottle it we could make a fortune. Thanks for all the little things, I loved reading about them all :-) ac