Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Precious Sounds

Emerson is really "talking" now. She has been experimenting with what sounds she can make when she changes the shape of her mouth. Right now she is sitting in her bouncy just chatting away, "Aww, ba ba ba ba ga ga ga ga wha wha wee wee wee da da da da bla bla bla dwa dwa dwa...". These sounds are music to my ears.

Her tooth is still coming along. Every couple of days it pops up a tad more. It is definitely there and has broken the skin, but it does not look like a tooth yet. How long does this take? I am so anxious for her to smile at me one morning and see her lone tooth looking back at me.

The past two days we have been indoors and have not left the house. I would love to get out today just to get out, but it is storming. The idea of dragging her out in the rain is not worth it since we don't have anything that HAS to get done. So it seems that we will be locked indoors for yet another day.

Have a great day,