Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today was wonderful. Getting to celebrate this holiday and also being celebrated felt so good. We did not do anything special today, it just felt perfect to spend this beautiful Sunday with Steve and Emerson.

At church this morning, the sermon was fittingly about moms. Specifically it was "How to be a prize winning mom". He compared the life of a mom to that of a marathon runner in many ways. One of the points that the pastor made was that in order to be a great mom you have to have the support of "cheerleaders". These people are God, spouses, friends and the church. At the end of the sermon, in order to bring this point home, he had all the moms in the congregation stand up and then the rest of the church gave us a very long and hearty round of applause. It was all I could do not to cry. Today it really hit home that I AM A MOM. I am appart of the elite group that gets to raise, support, love, guide, teach, punish and protect a child. Wow! What a responsibility. So, needless to say, I have been super nostalgic today. If Mother's Day has meant this much to me with a 6 month old, I cannot imagine what it will mean as the years go by.

Just yesterday I had lunch with a sweet friend and I was telling her how I had bittersweet feelings about Emerson's new sleep habits. She is a GREAT sleeper now. Before nap time and bedtime, we try to rock her a little and she just squirms and arches her back. It is as if she is saying, "cut to the chase mom, just put me in my crib". Sure enough, if we just put her in the crib, no matter how awake she seems, she grabs her bunny, rolls to her side and goes to sleep. It is amazing! However, I do miss the occassional snuggle. She wants nothing to do with cuddling anymore...unless she is sick or we are in a crowded place.

Well today it is as if she was giving me a special present for Mother's Day...she let me snuggle her before each nap and a little in between. It has been so sweet. I know that I may be regretting this tomorrow if for some reason she is reverting to old habits, but I don't feel like that is what is happening. Regardless, I will deal with it tomorrow because today it has been precious.

To my mom, Steve's mom, our grandmothers and all my friends who are mom's- You are all wonderful, remarkable women and I hope that you were celebrated today. I love each of you.



Erin said...

aw, I'll so miss cuddle time if Ryland ever decides she's tired of it :(