Friday, August 1, 2008

The week in pictures and some new creations

Uncle Scott
All giggles
Playing with the amazing phone
Outside with daddy
Dadding tickling Emy
This weeks creations
Apples and pears sundress
The sweet red ribbon in back
Another crayon roll for a friends son
A ruffly pants outfit

A TCU inspired onesie and burp cloth for my friend Amy's baby boy

The back of the onesie has a pocket! I must admit that the pocket was Steve's idea



Anonymous said...

too cute! you seroiusly could sell those clothes!! and emy looked beautiful in her pretty new dress you made! i am still amazed-

bethany said...

I love the apples and pears dress-so fabulous! Is it just a pillowcase dress basically? I love the red ribbon-it adds so much...and the little pocket on the back of the onesie-Steve is a GENIUS!! I'm totally stealing that idea next time I make one :) Hopefully that's okay!
And that picture of Emy talking is really really cute!

Erin said...

ok, you're a natural at this sewing're giving me false confidence :)

Amy said...

Thank you for my onesie and burp cloth!! I'm still laughing at how cute and hillarious it is! I'll be needing another larger size for next year when he can go to football games!!! :-)

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot STAND it! Those clothes you're making are SO ADORABLE! Where are you getting your fabric? More importantly, where are you getting your ideas, and do they have things for boys? ;)

Steph V said...

soooo cute! while out of town last week I learned to sew! I have all the materials and I'm just waiting on the time!!! Any tips!