Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The right formula

Well, I think we have finally figured out the sleep issues. Through a lot of trial and error we dropped Emerson's cumulative nap times from 4 hours to 3 hours. That seems to have done the trick. Back to 7:30 am wake-up. Hallalujiah!

On another note, Emerson is still afraid of Elmo. Did I tell you all that story? Regardless she has a Tickle me Elmo and every time we turn it on Emy freaks out in fear. Well, she has progressed to being afraid of it even while it is turned off. Elmo spends his days sitting on a shelf in the play area. Emy will be sitting and playing and occassionally look up at Elmo and stare. Yesterday I got Elmo down and sat him in front of Emerson. I did not turn him on. Emy looked at me with frightened eyes and then at Elmo. She slowly reached out one hand like she wanted to touch him, then she quickly pulled her arm back and started to cry. It was sad, yet very funny. I imagine she sees him as the equivalent to a scary clown that sits and watches her all day. Yikes!



Amanda said...

Poor baby! Jackson is still enjoying the bubble gun that Emy gave him.

Erin said...

Oh sister...the Elmo. I want to hug her and laugh at the same time!