Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sassy Emerson

Ya'll, it is becoming evident that while Emerson is absolutely precious and has a wonderful personality, she also has an attitude. I know that a lot of it is due to the inability to communicate, however I need some help from all you mommy-readers out there.

First, an example of the problem. Keep in mind, we have "attitude" moments a couple times a day. I will be carrying Emerson through the house, talking to her and something happens that she does not like (ex: I say something she disagrees with, or I just picked her up from playing with toys, etc)...and she HITS me. No, not a playful "pat-the-mommy" game hit, but a full on painful hit that is accompanied by an angry grunt and mean face...almost like a stare-down. Does that make sense to anyone?

So, I know I can't lecture her or stick her in time out, but is there any discipline that I can do in these situations at her young age (10 1/2 months) to help her break these attitude habits, or at least let her know that they are not okay? I feel like we need to nip these moments in the bud....

Okay mommies, I would love advice, articles, books, stories, anything....



Anonymous said...

Ok- so I might not have the greatest info, but here are some thoughts. First, there is a Dobson book called "The Strong Willed CHild"- I have not read this, but plan on making it part of my library (I have a feeling we have a strong willed one on our hands as well). Might want to check it out. Second- try saying "No" firmly and explain what behavior you don't want, then maybe turn away from her or stop giving your attention to her? I have done that a few times to Ford and it isn't so much my words, but my lack of eye contact and my head turning that have seemed to impact him some. Just a thought. . . good luck!!