Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Haircut

We finally took Emerson to get her first haircut last week. We have been so lucky in that her hair has grown out just beautifully and we could get away with not having it cut for almost three years. Some kids have hair that grows in backwards- you know, the front grows long and the back does not grow at all. Then other kids have the mullet look- hair in the back grows much faster than it does in the front. Not Emerson, hers has grown in evenly and pretty well proportioned.

Anyways, we really built up the first haircut and how much fun it would be. She really enjoyed it and knew how pretty she looked after it was all finished. In the end, Emy only had about 1.5" taken off the back.

She thought sitting in the fire truck was pretty cool
Getting a fancy style after the cut was all finished. Emerson loved getting mousse put in her hair.
She got two pink sparkle stars put on her cheek when she was all finished.
Avoiding taking a picture with mommy. She had fun, but is still a two-year-old after-all.



Unknown said...

Super cute!

Stephanie said...

consider yourself SUPER DUPER lucky that you are just now starting to shell out the big bucks at cool cuts!!