Monday, August 9, 2010

Things are changing

Emerson, you are such a big girl now. I cannot even fathom how you got to be so grown up. We had a big summer! You transitioned to a big girl bed, became potty trained, gave up your baba and matured so much. The best thing is that you loved every single step and change. You love that you are becoming a big girl too.

You are so excited to become a big sister. You are always talking about things that you are going to teach Ashton. When you see a newborn baby you instantly swoon. You are just completely in love with babies and I know you will adore your brother.

While this summer was big, this fall will be even bigger. It holds such treats as starting dance class, starting school 3 days a week, a 3rd birthday and of course, welcoming a new baby into our home. I certainly hope you love all the transitions that are to come as much as you have loved this summer.

This summer has been really challenging for mommy but looking back, it has been really sweet and I don't think I would have changed a thing. While we spent *a little* too much time in front of the tv because of the baby in mommy's tummy, we got lots of snuggle time together! I definitely wouldn't change that.
This fall is certain to be chaotic and fast paced and I hope that when things get crazy we can both remember the special mommy and Emy time we had this summer.
I promise that once we adjust to life as a family of four I will carve out special girls-only time for us. I know how much you have grown to appreciate and love all things girly, especially when you get to do them with mommy. We will still do all those things when baby Ashton comes, I promise.

Emerson, mommy and daddy love you so much. You bring us more joy than we can even comprehend. Don't you ever forget that you were the first precious angel in our lives.



Stephanie said...

i'm crying... beautifully written, sabrina. i am glad you had such a sweet summer with miss em

missed you yesterday. and by the way i got overwhelmed with sewing and my mother bought her a dress. so now i have fabric and a pattern and no time crunch... danger...