Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Fun

The last week of summer is here. We have lots of fun things planned this week and then next week it is back to school! I can't believe it is already back to school time (mainly because that means we are days away from having another baby!) Even though Emerson has really enjoyed this summer and the free time, I think she is super excited to go back to school. She will have a new teacher and lots of new friends to meet.

Daddy braved the heat on Saturday and took Emerson on the Forest Park Train. They went on the first ride of the morning. Emy loves the train!

Having a popcorn snack on the train ride is a "must", even if it is 9:30 in the morning.

And because it has been all summer and I have not posted any swimming pictures, here are some of Emy swimming with daddy and granmom last week.


Unknown said...

SO sweet! Can't wait to meet the newest addition!