Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

First of all, I did a terrible job of capturing Christmas this year. I mean really terrible. I barely took any photos and the ones I did took did not come out so great. I had the best of intentions, but I feel like it was a whirlwind and since I had a baby in one hand I could not really take the camera with me as much as I would have liked...I am sticking to my lame excuse, (especially since there were 8 adults here and I am pretty sure that they all held Ashton a fair amount).

Thursday my grandmother, Steve's parents, sister, brother and brother's girlfriend all arrived. It was nice having everyone here for a few days. Christmas eve was spent getting everything prepared. Emy and I made a birthday cake for baby Jesus that morning. Emerson specifically requested that the cake be pink, so that is what we did. After we finished decorating it we went on a mommy-daughter date to see Tangled. Loved it!

We hosted Christmas eve dinner at our house. We have a tradition of having mexican food on Christmas eve. Sticking with the tradition, Steve made fajitas. They were delicious. After dinner, Mimi (my grandmother) read Emerson The night before Christmas...this is another tradition of ours.

After Emerson was in bed, our living room was transformed into Santa's workshop. Seriously, isn't this picture hilarious? There were 4 different assemblies happening at the same time.

The tree lit up before everyone was asleep. So pretty!

Christmas morning Emerson woke up excited (duh) and we started with stockings. We did this while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. No, I don't have any good pictures. Another thing I did not get good pictures of is Emerson getting her presents from Santa. She specifically requested a bed for her babies and Santa delivered. She loves it!

Ashton got plenty of snuggle time during the present opening.

After we did presents at our house, we went to Steve's parents. Santa does not visit their house, but there were still tons of gifts to open.

After all the gifts were open, Emerson put on her apron to help Steve's mom and Melody in the kitchen. Emy loves to help cook.
This was my little "big" gift this year. I am so pumped about it but I really need to learn how to use it more. It is a prime lens that does not zoom but will eventually take gorgeous photos when I get some practice in.
Ash had just gotten up from a nap, hence the reason his face is half covered with a blanket.

Here I was playing with the new lens. Ashton did not want to cooperate. See how pretty the lights in the background look? Oooo, I love it!
Look at these cuties:)
Why did someone not tell me to put on some lipstick?
Helping in the kitchen
Christmas was wonderful. Great family and friends, great food, generous gifts and a lovely time. I hope yours was as blessed as ours.



amberburger said...

thinking of you today while I watched TCU win! yay! So i jumped over and caught up on your blog! YOU GOT A 50 MM you are going to love it! Your kiddos eyes will be amazing in pics when you use that lens esp outside! Have fun with it!