Thursday, December 23, 2010

(Somewhat Controlled) Chaos

Aka- Decorating gingerbread houses with 6 kids and 2 babies!

First of all, when Amy invited us over for a playdate to decorate gingerbread houses this week, we were pumped because it gave us something to do since the kids are out of school. I was envisioning them all decorating one house, maybe two. Wrong! Amy baked each kid their own house using her own templates. Uh huh. Stephanie brought the supplies to make homemade frosting. Uh huh. I was in charge of bringing decorations. Guess what I brought? Bags of $.99 candy from CVS. Can you tell who the slacker in this group is?

Anyways, the kids had a blast but I truly think the mommies had more fun. It was complete chaos from the moment we got there but it was lots of fun. All the kids ate candy by the fist-full. Literally. They were running around like maniacs when it was all said and done. I don't know about the other kids but there was no nap at our house this afternoon. Let me tell you, coming down off a sugar high like that with no nap is really ugly.

Maribel picking through the table of decorations (candy)

Carefully sprinkling her rooftop

Seriously concentrating

Mari only interested in getting handfuls of candy

Ethan, also only interested in the eating of candy
Izzy and her house
Annie eating sprinkles from the jar

One of the only moments that Ethan showed an interest in his house

Beautiful houses
More houses
Creating a perfect roof-line
Hard at work

It was a busy day but I am glad that Emerson is in bed (early!). Merry Christmas.