Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dance Party

One of Emerson's friends had her birthday party last Friday. It was done up in a dance party theme and was super cute (and hilarious). The kids got to dress up like rock stars. They walked into the party on a red carpet and once inside went into the "dressing room" to get ready. In the dressing room, they got to put on make up, jewelry, boas, tiaras and temporary tattoos. It was so fun and Emerson absolutely LOVED it!

In the main party area, the kids got to have a ball and dance to the Kid Bop CD's (If you have not heard of them- they are toddler versions of popular music. Think Katy Perry and Pink with kid friendly lyrics). They were all seriously jamming out. It was so fun to watch. Emerson had a blast and really got into the dancing. I swear she danced more than anyone else, including the birthday girl. (Note to self- we might consider a dance party for Emy's next birthday).

The back patio was transformed into a dance club with bright pom poms and lights hanging over head. It totally set the scene.
Look at this cake!
Emerson showing off her braided hair and star tattoo

Look how cute Bo was with his spiked hair!
The girls had to take a break to play princesses for a little while:)
Emerson and Reese were totally rocking out in this picture. When I was watching them I envisioned them as teens at a junior high dance just giggling away:)
Annie being shy when it was time for cake!

I *think* this was the last birthday party that we have until January. Whew, this fall has been jam packed with parties and I am kind of excited to have a little break.