Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Ash post

Ashton is such a good baby. He is so happy most of the time and only really fusses when he is tired or hungry. On a good day if you can get him fed and asleep before he realizes he is tired or hungry you might not hear him fuss at all. I took some pics of him the other day because he was looking extra cute in his new Gap onesie that he got for Christmas. Here are a few of the better ones.

big blue eyes
look at these precious hands
This is currently Ashton's favorite toy. He seriously loves to grab at it and chew.
Trying to put the entire thing in his mouth.
When he can't get the entire toy in his mouth, his fist will do just fine.

Again, seriously blue eyes.
Again with the fist.
Talking to mommy.
Sweet smile!



Stephanie said...

He looks so handsome in those photos, and not like a newborn anymore. So expressive! And in that last one he looks so much like Emmy!!

bethany said...

Those photos are priceless. I am loving that last one with his little smile :)

Allison said...

he is just so stinkin' handsome!

Allison said...

he is just so stinkin' handsome!