Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No title

Creative title huh? I have some random pictures that I wanted to post so they are all getting lumped together because I am super tired and being lazy.

First of all, Ashton has graduated to eating avacados, green beans and today he tried squash. The avacado took a couple feedings for him to come around but he eventually warmed up to it. Green beans he took from the beginning but made a face the entire time while eating. His face clearly communicated, "I will eat these but I am not happy about it". Squash seems to be a hit though. Ashton was much happier about getting the orange goodness shoveled into his mouth than the green stuff.

First time with green beans

Distracted by something happening outside

Emerson was being such a goofball Sunday after church. All four of us were sitting in her room just being silly and she was putting on an Emy show as usual. I grabbed the camera to try and catch some of her natural silliness because sometimes I feel like all I am photographing are the posed moments and not the real ones. Here she is in all her glory.
Getting kisses from Toby

Emerson dramatically falling to the floor to laugh at something that was hilarious to her

Okay, back to the posed pictures:) I have been gathering up supplies to use for some newborn pictures I get to take this weekend (yay!). In an effort to practice with my non-newborn...Here is Ashton being a good sport and very posed (and cute).
I love how these turned out in black and white
A couple of minutes into the "shoot" Ashton starts eyeing the handle of the basket. Notice the huge line of drool running down his chin and onto his chest.

And, here is where he ended up. Yes, chewing on the handle. Shocking (see this post).



Unknown said...

The basket pics are ADORABLE!!

Kristi said...

Just wondering what kind of lens you use for your camera. Just looking for a new lens and your pictures are really nice. Thanks!!