Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ashton's first meal

Remember when I said that we were in no hurry to try baby food with Ashton? Well, I guess I was kidding because we decided to give it a whirl today! After thinking about it we realized that he really was showing all the readiness signs...sitting up more, putting things in his mouth, why deprive him of something he is developmentally ready for?

Sitting in the highchair for the first time, checking things out from a new point of view.
Very first bite. Not sure.

More is coming out than is going down.

Getting excited about this stuff. If you could see his feet you would see that he is kicking and flailing in excitement.

More please. Learning to open his mouth in anticipation.

What a mess!

Big sister gets in on the feeding. Look at how adoringly Ashton looks at Emy...isn't it sweet?

She took feeding him very seriously.
After Ash got the hang of it he really liked it. He ate the entire bowl. Such a big boy!



Stephanie said...

Ethan only wants to steal savvy's puffs and yogurt melts. Cares nothing about helping. With emy's help, you could just task her with feeding Ashton! How perfect and what a time saver! I am totally envious. :)