Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teething much?

In my effort to practice photography everyday, I dressed Ashton in a plain white onesie and laid him on a fuzzy ivory piece of fabric. I was going for something sweet and simple. Not a lot of color so that Ashton would be the focus of the picture.

I tried posing him and this is what I got.

I tried re-posing him and this is what I got.

I tried taking his hands out of this mouth and tried to shoot again. This is what I got.

Again. See a pattern?

You think it is obvious that Ashton is working on cutting some teeth?

I kept trying and eventually got a couple of cute ones without his precious fingers in his mouth!

Emerson got her first tooth pretty early (before 6 months), so we keep expecting Ashton's first one to come in any day now. Stay tuned...