Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Ashton

(A little belated....)

Dear Ashton,

I cannot believe that you are a year old. You have absolutely been such a blessing to our family. When I found out we were having another baby I was so unsure how I would love another child but it has been simply been amazing to see myself fall madly in love with you. Maybe it is the mother-son bond, maybe it is your adorable hair or the way you giggle but whatever it is, I cannot get enough of you.

This year went by so incredibly fast. I tried my best to cherish the everyday moments with you. I snuggled you a lot and got down on the floor to play with you a lot and just enjoyed watching your personality grow. And what a sweet personality you have. Ashton, you have such a kind heart. You love to snuggle, give kisses and share your things. And it is precious to watch you do all of those things.

While you have a precious personality you also have a very fun side. You love to be tickled, play chase and copy cat games. And oh my goodness, you are such a boy. You love to play in dirt, eat bugs and you already have an obsession with the toilet. Seriously, every moment that I turn away from you the first place you go is to the bathroom!

Ashton, I love you so much and have loved every moment of this year. Happy Birthday sweet boy.