Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emerson's First Dance class 2011

One of the big discussions this summer was whether Emerson wanted to take dance class again this year. I did not want to be one of those parents who just assumed that she liked it and signed her up for something that she was not interested. With that in mind, I asked her several times, "Emerson, did you like taking dance class last year? Do you want to take it again this year?"

The strange thing was that every time I asked her, I got a different answer. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Sometimes she was not sure. It was really strange. She seemed to love dance last year. She certainly loved the recital and she has talked about it positively since what was the problem?

Finally, I explained myself..."Emerson, I need to know whether or not you want to take dance class. Whatever you decide it fine with me but I need to know whether or not to sign you up. You need to make a decision."

She responds with "I don't want to take dance". Hmmm...I pushed a little farther, "Emerson, I thought you like dance last year. I thought you liked your recital. How come you changed your mind? Why don't you want to take dance again?"

"Mommy, I don't like wearing pins in my hair."


So, with promises of no bobby pins this year, Emerson is thrilled to be back in dance class at the same studio and with the same instructor.

Think she was excited?"Okay mom, I gotta go..."
And the special sticker that she got at the end of class....