Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ashton's 1 year Photoshoot

When you are a photographer, you have really high hopes for pictures of your own kids. Let me just tell you how hard it really is. Super hard.

Well, I had big plans for a birthday shoot for Ashton. I wanted it to be ridiculously cute. A cupcake, banner, amazing backdrop, etc etc. I kept putting it off for one reason or another. I finally did it this past Friday morning.

No cupcake. Too lazy to pick one up at 8am. No amazing backdrop. Again, too lazy at 8am. Other than that, I was still really hopeful. I had cute props, a cute baby and decent weather.
I got one decent shot and then it happened.
The neighbor's kitten came over to play and Ashton was obsessed. And distracted. And obsessed. And what made it worse was that the kitten was obsessed with him too. Totally kept playing and getting close and loving all over Ash. He is such an animal lover that he could not get enough.

It was actually pretty cute. Except I had a vision. And this was not it.

I finally gave up on the "theme" stuff and we did an outfit change and a scenery change. That helped a little.
Except now in the front yard we have the kitten (who was following us) and now the excitement of cars and trucks passing by.

At least I got one of Ashton's famous "OOoo" face:)