Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scary bubbles?

So, I was at Target yesterday buying all kinds of fun summer items- a baby pool, swim diapers and something similar to this. Later in the evening, once Steve is home, we take Emerson outside and break out the bubble maker. I am so certain that she will be mesmerized and think the bubbles are fascinating or at least funny.

I press the trigger on the gun and she freezes and then lets out this scream. I stop and look at her, like "what the heck was that"? I call Steve over to watch and I pull the trigger again...the bubbles start coming out and she lets out another scream. Now, if you can imagine- her scream sounded something similar to that of a horror movie scream, not a baby cry. There was no whimper or whine to it, there were no tears involved, it was just a zero to sixty scream combined with a facial expression that clearly represented fear. We have never heard her do this scream before, but it was certainly a scream of sheer terror. Of course, Steve and I could not help but laugh.

We tried to determine if she was scared of the bubbles or the sound of the motor in the gun. We still are not sure, but needless to say we won't be using the bubble making gun again for a while.



Anonymous said...

I am trying to not laugh since she was scared, but laughing becuase I can just picture it! Maybe starting with the simple old bubbles might ease her into the super gun :) Sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun this summer!

Erin said...

Hunter is standing next to me and when he saw Emerson's picture he said, "she is big and she is cute"...and when I clicked on the link to the scary bubble gun he decided we needed to stop what we're doing and go buy NOW.

Megan said...

I thinl it is so funny how "normal" things to us scare babies, AJ was terrified of the vacuum cleaner!

Amy said...

Oh! Poor Emy!! That's actually really funny. It's crazy the things some kids are afraid of that you would expect them to love! Ask anyone who's been Santa Claus in a local mall, or MASCOT AT A MAJOR UNIVERSITY! ac