Friday, August 15, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures

It is time for everyone's favorite time of the week (or at least I assume that because it is my favorite time). Here is our week in pictures.

Emerson loves to play with all of her toys at once. This way she can pull them out of the basket one by one.Smile for the camera

Oooo, she has Toby's ball. She is IN LOVE with Toby's ball. I swear it is the toy that is going to propel her into actual crawling.

Playing with mommy

She loves to squeeze mandarin oranges in her hands and watch the juice drip out.Of course, next comes rubbing around in all the juice.See, I can clap!
Emerson loves our cat, Bailey.
So excited.

Sewing creations this week:
A couple of taggie blankets for friends.

A pile of burp cloth orders from ebay:)

Some onesie orders

Made this sweet set for a friend who just had a girl.

Sorry this is is for a friend who is obviously having a boy.

I am also working on some new stuff in addition to a couple of gifts (I can't show you those because they have not been recieved yet and I know these girls check the blog from time-to-time)

Have a great weekend!



bethany said...

That's awesome that things have been selling on Ebay-I've never thought about using Ebay to sell...
How do you get your letters so perfect for your appliques? I usually just freehand everything, but yours look really classy and nice-do you print it off of Word first and use that as a template? Just wondering-everything looks really good!!
Love Emy's cute smile!!

Lauren said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come over and hang out with you and sew stuff!

Megan said...

You are creating the cutest things ever!! How cool is that that you did it all on your own. My idea of sewing is some hem tape and an iron - honestly, i made AJ's first halloween costume that way!!! It took forever, we bought Jay's first costume! i hope you are having just as much fun making all that stuff (and selling)as I am looking at all of it!!!

chelsburleson said...

hey girl!
omg these are adorable! can i order a sweet onesie for my brand new niece- she was just born on friday august 15th! let me know what i need to do ;) you can also email me at :)