Friday, August 8, 2008

Picture Recap

For starters, I heard Emerson stirring this morning so I went in to get her. What did I find? She was sitting up and playing with her toys. I know you are all thinking, what is the big deal? Well, she has been pulling up from sitting position for weeks now, but she has yet to get from laying down to sitting. So, this is a big day!

Sticking out her tongue was big this week. She did it all the time. In fact a sweet family was behind us in line at Walmart. Emy was kind of playing with the little girl. The girl asked me if I taught her to stick out her tongue. I told her "no" that she just figured it out. The little girl responded with, well you need to tell her that it isn't very nice.
So happy to be standing and playing with her toys
Smiling for daddy
I WISH this would not have turned out blurry. First, there is a huge section of what we call "wild woman" hair sticking out and second, she looks like she is trying to imitate the band Kiss with that tongue- hillarious.So excited
Trying to crawl
First time with mashed potatoes. She really did like them all though it does not look like it.
So sleepy. I also with that this one would not have come out blurry. Too sweet.
This weeks creation. I must say that I LOVE this outfit. The skirt is seperate from the onesie.Isn't the matching "E" adorable???



Erin said...

ok, so my Mom and I picked out some fabric and patterns and she's attempting to teach me how to sew this weekend :) Was that "E" hard to do? You're inspiring me sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

SNUGGLE BEAR!!! I LOVE the outfit!! I can't wait until you start putting this stuff on etsy!

Kids are so funny. I love Emerson sticking out her tongue. Please tell her this and tell her that she's allowed to stick her tongue out at me anytime.

bethany said...

That's a really cute outfit Sabrina!! Great job on the skirt!!