Monday, August 11, 2008

The newest addition in our house...

No, it is not a baby or another pet, it is my sewing room! Well, it is actually 1/2 of the guest room, but it is my own space. The "sweat shop" that was the dining room had gotten to be too much. We started the sewing station there not knowing how much I would take to it. It turned out that I really took to sewing and my collection of "stuff" and projects had gotten to be too overwhelming for our dining room.

My sweet mother-in-law was here this weekend and she helped talk me through what I could do with what little space and resources I had. So, Steve and I rearranged some things in the house and this is what we came up with. It is not much, but it is al mine:)

I have b1g ideas about painting this room and making fun curtains for it.
I have an entire dresser filled with fabric that is organized by color.
Ribbons and tools all have their own place now.
For those that are interested, I have so many items that I have practiced with that are just piling up. So, for kicks I am going to throw them on ebay. We will see what happens. There are 4 sets of these- 2 burps and one bib.
This is how they are packaged for now. I have every intention of coming up with something cuter soon.



chelsburleson said...

awesome stuff!!! if i had a baby of my own, i'd buy you out ;) keep up the great work, sewing sister!

bethany said...

I like the way you've put them together just the way they are...but maybe that's just me.
I love that you have a little space just for your sewing stuff-I've taken over half of the guest/play room as well. I'm so territorial about it that the two kids are actually going to share a room so that I can keep the space. I'm a terrible mother.

Amy said...

So cool!!! You are very organized, I'm jealous :-) Etsy too?

Lauren said...

I love all your stuff! I can't believe how much fabric you've already accumulated, but I can totally understand. I am having to really rein myself in. And I love your idea board, with the swatches organized and stuff. Cute!

Erin said...

do I have to mess with the e-bay or can I just buy one?????????? I want the pink set...or the purple, whatev...if you haven't sold them already :) Send me an e-mail with the details sister!!!!!!!!!