Friday, August 22, 2008

Week in pictures

We had a fun week. Emerson is now crawling, clapping and waving all the time. She is really verbalizing well and is becoming really adventurous. We did not really do much this week due to the rain, but it was still fun. Here are some pictures from our week.

All smiles while petting the kitty. (We had just come in from the rain, that explains the weird matted-down hair)
She gets angry when she is ready to get down because she has not figured that out yet.

Oooooo, Emerson loves bottles.
Mesmirized by the olympics on tv
Standing like a big girl

FINALLY figuring out how to hold the bottle herself. She has been in control of the sippy cup for a while now, but not so much with the bottle. I seriously that I was going to have to hold it for her forever.
Re-discovering her giraffe.
Petting the doggy.
Ooooo, Emerson loves her new baby. I have never seen her play with one toy for so long before. If she sees it across the room she stares at it until we get it for her.
Sewing creations this week:
A set someone ordered for some twins!
A cute camo set that someone ordered

A t-shirt reconstruction. I found this new tshirt on clearance for $4. I liked the shirt, just not the design.

So, I covered it up with something SOOOO much cuter:)

Have a super weekend.



Steph V said...

Yea for crawling!!! Don't worry she will get faster, and then it gets harder. MacKenzie puts more things in her mouth than JD ever did. I can't even count the number of times a day I pull something out of her mouth. Of course it does not help that JD leaves stuff everywhere and has quite an obsession with loose change!!! LOL!!

She's such a doll!

bethany said...

Jakson was obsessed with water bottles as well...not sure why that is.
Love the shirt deconstruct...I always love to do things like that! Looks like the Ebay thing is going well-one of these days I may have to try selling my capes or something that way. I'll be asking for your advice! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Emy. . . you and Ford would be such good friends if we lived in Ft Worth still! The water bottles, giraffes, dogs, you guys have a lot of "loves" in common!!

Anonymous said...

Sabrina -
Need to order something cute for a boy baby shower I am going to on Sept. 13. Will you please call or email me to discuss? I can't find your contact info. right now. LOVE all your website updates and pics! :-)emily (817.891.0650)