Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zoo fun

We decided to forgo church and have some much needed family time on Sunday. The weather was perfect, so on the spur of the moment we decided to go to the zoo. It really was a great time. We went when the zoo first opened so all the animals were out and frisky. Emerson had a blast.

All dressed up and ready to go

First stop was the gorillas and monkeys. The gorillas have a huge exhibit area but when they are fed they go into this little play room area. Anyways, look how close this guy was to the class. It was incredible- he was just staring right at us.

Hi gorilla!

The crocodiles. They were so still that Emerson didn't understand what we were looking at until they started swimming around. Then she thought it was pretty cool.Checking out the zebras from daddy's shoulders

Family photo

Riding the carousel for the first time. Emerson thought this was the greatest thing. She thought it was hillarious that we kept going round and round and would see daddy at the same spot every time.



Anonymous said...

Oh man looks like so much fun! hehe! and it totally was a beautiful day outside! Love the pics!