Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's so hot outside

It is seriously hot in Texas right now. I have lived in Texas my entire life so I know it is July and it is supposed to be hot, but it is still shocking just how hot summers are here. It is also a nice feature that I am (almost) 32 weeks pregnant. I sweat while taking a cold shower. Seriously. You get me outside and it gets ugly fast.

Anyways, we got together with a couple other families and had a garage sale today. I was already sweating at like 7:15 am when the sun wasn't even fully out yet! It was a scorcher but a success. The 3 girls played in a blow up pool in the front yard as entertainment and luckily for us we had a grandma there to watch the girls during the chaotic moments.

Today was actually a 3-time swimming day for Emerson. She loved that she basically spent all her waking hours swimming. Emy got to swim twice during the 5-hour garage sale and then again after dinner tonight. Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the girls playing in the yard (we were too busy for that!) but I did get some of her enjoying the pool after dinner tonight.

Hope you are staying cool!



Lisa said...

What a neat pool. Emerson is such a cutie and stay cool momma!