Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Shower

We have been super busy around here lately. We cleaned out the nursery and have gotten it basically set-up. Emerson's room is finally a big girl room and we are cleaning out all the other nooks and cranies (sp?) of our home for a garage sale this weekend.

On Saturday, some dear friends of mine threw a baby shower for Ashton. It was so fun to celebrate his impending arrival and to have everything sprinkled with blue for a change. For record keeping sake, here are some pictures from the shower (no comments on my size, please).

Sweet hostesses: Kathryn, Meghann and Jennifer (we are all pregnant!)

My grandmother and mother-in-law

Check out this precious sleep sack with Ashton's name on it. It is from etsy...leave me a comment if you want to know the shop name.

This is the blanket that goes with the crib bedding. I love the colors- aqua, lime and brown. A good twist on traditional.

The gorgeous diaper bag. It is a backpack so I can have my hands free:)

Food table with the yummy spread and precious diaper cake. Meghann made cake balls for dessert and they were to-die-for!

And just because I can't leave you without posting a picture of the little miss. She was just hanging out on our bed with Toby.



Amanda said...

I love these! You look beautiful and so does Jenn! I wish we had all been prego together, not that I want to be prego again. Love you!

Kari said...

So sweet! You look AMAZING!!!

Lisa said...

FANTASTIC! Looks like you racked up. LOVE the blanket!

bethany said...

You really look so cute!! And I love that bedding-you're right the colors are perfect!