Thursday, July 1, 2010


The big happenings lately have been potty training and playdates. We have been on so many playdates this year! It is really hilarious. I think that last summer I must have felt bored or something and thus I over-compensated this summer. Take this week for example, we only had 1 day without something planned.

It has actually worked out great since I am so pregnant. Not having to come up with activities to entertain Emy all day has been a true blessing. Emerson has also really enjoyed seeing so much of her friends and getting to go on so many adventures.

Unfortunately, I have been terrible at documenting all these fun playdates. I have not a single picture from any of them. Isn't that horrible?

To make up for it, I will leave you with some pics of Emy modeling for me this morning. This is my newest pattern and I needed her to model for the cover. Anyways, she really likes her new outfit and kept walking around all prissy saying "I so pretty, mommy". Cute.

This one is so posed. It reminds me of a school picture. Hilarious.

Look at this face!

In other news, Emerson and Steve are going out of town this weekend for the Fourth. I am sad to miss out on this years festivites, but I have too much to do. Main goal for the weekend is to get the nursery finished and everything organized for Ashton. Hopefully I can get some pics up when everything is finished.



gina said...

is this the latest pattern to be tested out? it's adorable and i hope that my little girl holds out long enough for me to get to it!

Amy said...

She is the perfect little model!

Erin said...

I think I just got a little top like that in the mail! My Mom tested one of your patterns :) Hug Emy and you look FABULOUS...miss ya :)