Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picture Day

This morning I (almost jokingly) suggested to Emy that we get dressed up and go run around outside and take pictures. I really suggested this just for fun, I doubted she would want to do it. I was wrong. She got excited and actually suggested that we bring 2 pretty dresses. Okay.

We went to the museum district because there are some beautiful backdrops plus it is friendly enough for kids to run around. Emerson had a blast! We went at 9am before it was super hot and only stayed out for about 40 minutes, but in that short time I took 142 pictures! Emerson was being just so precious and having such a ball, I could not help myself.

Here is a (small) sampling of the pictures from this morning.

Practicing her balance beam walk

No more photos, mom.

Okay, a couple more:)
After our picture session was over, we treated ourselves to sprinkle donuts and oj. It was a really sweet mommy-daughter morning. The couple hours we spent together on our "adventure" I really appreciated our sweet relationship and had a little ache at how things will soon change. I am so excited about meeting Ashton and welcoming him into our family, but a little sad that it won't just be Emy and mommy during the day anymore.



Kari said...

She's so beautiful just like her Mommy! Treasure your sweet day, but be so excited to see her love on Ashton. That will melt your heart in another amazing way!!!

J A Hynek said...

Of my two boys, Hank (my oldest) is the one who remembers when it was just him and mommy/daddy and he thrives on those occasions when he can have me or Mike all to himself, sans little brother. John on the other hand has never been without Hank so on those occasions when he is alone with Mike or me (e.g., when Hank is in school), he does not know what to do with himself. He just gets bored. Hank has no trouble kicking little brother out of his room and playing by himself. For John such occasions are like have his arms cut off. This dynamic is fascinating to me, especially since I grew up an only child. It also makes those times when Hank introduces John as his 'best friend', and not just his little brother, all the more meaningful (at least to me).

So I try to give Hank opportunities for alone time with me since he seems to need/want it more than John does. Those time usually come during John's naps, when Hank and I get some quality snuggle, reading, and name writing practice together. If I don't make that time, then Hank will ask me for it, which is good. I like to encourage that good communication of needs.

Unknown said...

Those are fantastic! Love the new dress pattern.

allison said...

beautiful!! love the back drop and sweet girl! what lens are you using these days? need a new one and am not sure what to get :)

Ashley N said...

Let me assure you that your new baby is going to add such a sweet new dimension to your relationship with your big girl. It's going to bless your heart so much to see her love on him and get to know him. I was pregnant with my second last summer and felt the same way you do...and I can honestly say the last nine months with having two children have been the sweetest of my life. I'm more in love with my big girl since baby girl has gotten here, and you will be too when your new one gets here. Promise.