Monday, July 26, 2010

How to play dress-up when you are two

First, dump out your entire dress-up stash for your friend to see.
Then, teach your friend how to shake pom-poms.

Try on outfit number one and look bored while mommy takes your picture.

Next, trade outfits because of course you like the one your friend has better.
Next, go through the accessories. Dump them all out and put them all on at the same time.
Try and find space to put even more accessories onto your tiny body.
Look at mommy with a blank stare when she says, "Look at me so I can take your picture".
In reality, the girls had a blast this afternoon playing dress up. Although, these two would have a blast together doing just about anything!



Amanda said...

Oh my word...the adorableness of this is too much for me. Annabeth wants to play with the big girls soon!

Lisa said...

Sweet! Amelia would LOVE a dress up stash like that!