Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ashton is 8 months old

Well, he actually turned 8 months a week ago. Oops.

Anyways, at 8 months he has added clapping to his list of accomplishments. If you start clapping and saying, "Yay Ashton" he will start smiling and clapping and look at you with wide eyes as if thinking, "I don't know what I did but this is fun!". It is so cute.

He really, really wants to crawl. He will get onto all fours and just rock. If he sees toys far off he will go from sitting to all fours and then the will reach out with one arm for it. I would not be surprised if we are only days away from mobility. I am not ready for that.

Still no teeth.

He loves to eat. As long as their is food in front of him, he will not stop. The other evening he had his bottle and his serving of baby food. Then we left him in the high chair while we ate dinner and cleaned up. In the same sitting he polished off a ton of "puffs", a quarter of an avacado and half a sippy of water. I seriously thought he would throw up. Emerson did too. She kept saying, "Ashy stop eating. You are gonna frow up."

We are pretty much in a daily routine now. He takes two naps. One around 9am and it is usually a little over an hour. Then there is another nap around 1pm and its length fluctuates. Good days it is 1.5 to 2 hours. Bad days it is 30 minutes. The short naps make for long evenings!

And just because this post is entirely about Ashton, here is his reaction to playing in the baby pool for the first time.
Think he liked it? As sad as his reaction was, it was also pretty funny. Don't worry, we didn't leave him in there. I ended up holding him while Emerson played in it with her babies.



Amy said...

Oh Sabrina, I love that boy. And 8 months is the BEST!!